Awaken your life to the Divine Presence

Spiritual Guide

Would you like to have more peace and happiness in your life? Are you looking for something more than the feeling of success or the accumulation of wealth?

We are all spiritual beings.

No matter what you achieve in life or how successful you are, until you give your attention to the spiritual dimension of your life, you will never be truly content or achieve your real purpose in life.

Here’s what Henri Nouwen, a well-known spiritual teacher and guide, says about how most people experience life.

While our minds and hearts are filled with many things, and we wonder how we can live up to the expectations imposed upon us by ourselves and others, we have a deep sense of unfulfillment. While busy with and worried about many things, we seldom feel truly satisfied, at peace, or at home.

The purpose of spiritual guidance is to help you make room in your life for the work of the Spirit. Spiritual guidance is a one-on-one, confidential relationship that can help you to discover a more peaceable and meaningful life.

Spiritual Guidance

Do you want to live a meaningful and more spiritual life, but you aren’t sure where to start?

The spiritual journey is a process of self-reflection and divine discovery that encompasses our our whole being. It is a process by which we can discover our true self and the divine Presence within us and all around us.

If you are interested in exploring the spiritual dimension of your life and would like to learn more, you can contact me here.