A New Direction For My Life And My Blog

Most of the time, I plan out my goals for the New Year and think about all of the ways I want to improve my life and ways that I can better lead and serve those around me.

But this year is different. Maybe it’s because COVID has given me more time to slow down and think more deeply about my life and goals. Or perhaps I’ve reached a new place on my personal growth journey.

Either way, I’m excited about where I am and what I see to be the journey ahead.

I have studied, practiced, and taught personal development for over 20 years.

I have used this blog on and off for different purposes, both personal and professional.

Direction For My Life

From now on, I will use it to share what I am learning and practicing broadly in the area of personal growth and specifically in the areas of core values, self-discipline, and character development.

For me, these three areas are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to improving our lives and making a difference in the world.

There has always been, and there will always be an abundance of personal development articles, books, speakers, and other resources available.

I believe these three areas – core values, self-discipline, and character development – are critical to any real personal transformation.

Besides that, these are also qualities that are undervalued in our society today. That is evident.

Not every article I will write will be specifically about one of these areas, but most of them will be.

I’m also interested to see how living out of my core values, practicing self-discipline, and being intentional about developing my character will transform my life.

I hope that what I learn and share along the way will benefit those who also want to improve their lives.

Happy 2021! Here’s to living your personal best!

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