9 Qualities of Authentic Manhood

When it comes to the topic of manhood, there are a lot of different ideas about what it means to be a man today. 

I personally believe that our society has struggled with the idea of manhood for decades. 

Today our society has different ideas of what manhood should or shouldn’t be. 

Young men struggle to find role models and mentors who can teach them how to become real men, faithful husbands, and loving fathers. 

So what does it look like to live authentically as a man today? 

Here are some qualities and character traits that I believe are foundational for authentic manhood.  

Authentic Manhood

9 Qualities of Authentic Manhood


Men are made for adventure. 

If you’ve ever watched a lion at a zoo, then you have an idea of what men are like when we take the adventure out of our lives. 

We are made to explore new places and ideas and to take calculated risks. 


We don’t often think of men as being emotional, but authentic men are passionate. 

We are willing to go all in and commit 100% to our relationships, goals, and purpose in life. 


One of the true marks of manhood is one’s character. 

Good character is developed intentionally and purposefully. It means taking a path that most other people don’t want to take. 


Becoming a man means developing a mature view of yourself, of others, and life. 

There is a passage in the Bible that speaks to the transition into mature manhood. 

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. – 1 Corinthians 13:11 (ESV) 

Maturity in manhood means leaving behind our youth’s childish ways and taking on a new mindset as a man. 


Becoming a man means taking total responsibility for every aspect of our life. 

Blaming the past or blaming other people is just another way to avoid taking total responsibility for our lives. 

When we take total responsibility for our lives, it empowers us to make the changes we need to become better men, husbands, and fathers. 


By our human nature, men are productive and industrious. 

While gone are the days of men banding together to hunt for food, authentic men are productive, providing for themselves and their families. 


Courage is one of the greatest virtues that anyone can possess. 

Being a man means being courageous and willing to stand up for what we believe even when it goes against popular opinion.  


Growing as a man requires discipline. Discipline is our ability to do what is right or good even when we don’t feel like doing it. 

We can develop greater discipline in our lives through our choices and daily habits. 


Another quality of authentic manhood is servanthood. 

One of the most significant ways to make a difference in other peoples’ lives is by putting their needs before our own and serving them. 

Acquiring the quality of servanthood requires humility, sacrifice, and willpower. 

Final Thoughts

The qualities of authentic manhood on this list are not exhaustive by any means. However, at least they give us a starting point and an idea of what it means to live authentically as a man today. 

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